What a lovely experience, touring market to source ingredients (with great local advice), and then preparing food to standard.

Channy , our chef, was very informative and entertaining, and local “chatty” staff made for a great class.

Very tasty dishes, selected by you and cooked by you – thank you.



This was probably the best cooking class we have done considering value and things cooking.

We were the only 2 people on the class and after a quick tour around the market we got to choose 3 dishes each for only $15 each. A bargain.

Channy our chef was very helpful and fun. We learned how to make fish amok from scratch as well as fried spring rolls, Mango Salad, sticky rice, and Tom yum soup.

Everything tasted amazing and we then had to try and find a way to eat it all – it was a feast. I strongly recommend everyone choose this class as it’s great value, the food tastes great, and there’s loads to eat. Plus so long as you remind them, you can get all of the recipes sent to you via email so you can cook everything you learned at home.


As I was the only person (the others didn‘t find the place, as the restaurant Little Italy is a bit hidden in the middle of a narrow side street of Pub Street) I got a private lesson, which lasted for 2,5 hours and was really great! After going through the local market, where I got an introduction into local food used for cooking, we started in a nice cooking class kitchen. The teacher Channy was very nice, funny and explained everything to me very well. Cooking was great fun; afterwards I enjoyed my delicious self cooked Khmer meal in the restaurant. If I stayed for another day in the city, I would definitely try out the next delicious meals they offer to cook with you again 🙂


We booked the day before (got our hostel to call up) for a class for 3. A tuk tuk picked us up and took us to the restaurant for free, and then we each picked our own starter and Main and then a joint desert. We had the class to ourselves. as it was the afternoon they had already purchased the days incredients but we still got a tour of the local market and explanations of some of the local ingredients. We then chopped and mashed and stirred and cooked for a few hours in a spacious kitchen. We had the perfect amount of help to feel like we’d done it ourselves, but enough intervention to make sure it was still delicious and gorgeously presented. The food was delicious and there was so much of it! They let us take our leftovers away, with a personal certificate on nice paper too. You get access to all your recipes afterwards and advice on how to imitate at home. And all for $15/person! Would definitely recommend!


I’m very happy with my decision to take this cooking class. It was nice to choose what we wanted to cook ourselves. Normally the other cooking classes have fixed menu. We picked up fish Amok, banana blossom salad and fried bananas and pineapples with passion fruit sauce. We made them from the scratch. Even learned how to cut off banana leaves and make carrot flowers. The teacher was such a lovely person. She gave us a clear instruction.
All what we made were very tasty!! It was just a shame that I couldn’t eat them up because it was a huge portion for me.
I really enjoyed this class. The price is reasonable too! Highly recommended!!


Chef Channy was incredible. We had so much fun and learned so much from her. I’ve promised her I would practice the carrot flower and post it. Lol. The market visit was great as we got introduced to local products as well as an assortment of the less than common foods we are used to. We learned all the basics, from chopping all the vegetables, sautéing, frying, curry paste from scratch etc to plating the final product. Delicious!


We took a morning class with 2 friends of mine and it was perfect from the beginning to the end !! We first visited the market with the chef who showed us the main specialties of the country before bringing us into the kitchen where we prepared our food (we had previously chosen all the dishes we wanted to make – with a special menu for vegetarians) . The chef was really kind and helpful, and so was the owner who made sure that everything was ok . She let us cook by ourselves but was always here to help and show us how to prepare the food. It was an amazing experience, with great people and of course, delicious food!